Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So, according to the BLS, (Bureau of Labor Statistics) the unemployment rate in California for January was 12.4%. Contrast this to 2001 where it was at 4.7%.

I recently lost my job and things are not looking so great. Add that with higher food and gas costs (over $4 a gallon). Hershey's announced that candy prices would rise by 9.7%.

At least it seems like more people are finding work. It is reported that there is about 100,000 fewer discouraged workers out there. This means that more people are finding work which encourages others to try and find work.

Also, interest rates are pretty low which would be great only if I had some money.
So, how's life?


  1. Here in my town, doesent even have workplaces where to go.. I was at work interview few days ago but i didnt get the job, pissing me off.

  2. i live in a busy ass college town theres 3 mcdonals, 5 jimmy johns (seriously 5) inumerable pizza places resturants everything inbetween...still cant find a job

  3. We should focus more on unemployment